My Favorite Vendors, Products and Services

I review many products and services for our industry to find the best of the best. Below is a list of tools and vendors that I use, love and endorse.

Marketing by Numbers

Marketing By Numbers is a “Done for You” marketing solution created specifically for the needs of busy accounting firm owners. They use Video to help educate a firm’s clients on important financial topics, uncover additional client needs and drive real conversations. This accelerates a firm’s growth at a fraction of the cost of doing video marketing themselves. Using the service is super simple, and you’re able to star in your own videos or use videos produced by their professional actors. Be sure to check them out!


Botkeeper provides a bookkeeping solution using a powerful combination of skilled accountants and automated data entry through the use of machine learning and AI. Do you have a hard time finding talent for your firm? Bots enable you to accomplish so much more with fewer people, and our firm of three people is utilizing them today!

But what’s a bot? It’s simply a line of code or algorithm. Machine learning and AI is way harder to understand than that. The really cool part is you, as a CPA, don’t need to understand all of the details. All you need to know is that you want the bot sitting in the cube next to you doing some repetitive task with data. Then the technology folks take it from there. Finally, we can have time to do the work we really want to and be better advisors for our customers. Or, really, just go home early!

Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer is a global provider of professional information, software solutions, and services for clinicians, nurses, accountants, lawyers, and tax, finance, audit, risk, compliance, and regulatory sectors. CCH Axcess and Office 365, a match made in the cloud. What is the only true tax and document suite born in the cloud. Get closer to a zero touch tax return today.


Whether you are incorporating a business, forming an LLC, or filing an annual report, CorpNet provides the smartest and most reliable platform for business formation & compliance. Support your customers holistically and help them with all their registered agent and incorporation needs. Also, help them pick the right entity structure then get them all setup seamlessly. Offering formation & compliance services just makes you the perfect business partner.


eMoney Advisor, LLC (“eMoney”) provides technology solutions and services that help people talk about money. Rooted in comprehensive financial planning, eMoney’s solutions strengthen client relationships, streamline business operations, enhance business development and drive overall growth. More than 60,000 financial professionals across firms of all sizes use the eMoney platform to serve more than 4 million households throughout the U.S.. Take your customer’s complete personal assets, liabilities, banking and investments to the cloud. Help them see their complete financial picture and serve them holistically. eMoney gives you the cloud deliverable upon which to base your financial advisory services.

Yaeger CPA Review

Yaeger CPA Review is a leading, national CPA exam review provider that has been preparing candidates to successfully complete the CPA exam since 1977. We have helped tens of thousands of CPA candidates pass the CPA exam. It took me five times to pass the exam. But I didn’t have Yaeger CPA Review! If you need help studying to pass reach out to my friends at Yaeger CPA, Phil will not only teach you financial accounting, he will make you laugh too.


Intuit’s mission is to Power Prosperity Around the World. Our global products and platforms, including TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, and Turbo, are designed to empower consumers, self-employed and small businesses to improve their financial lives, finding them more money with the least amount of work, while giving them complete confidence in their actions and decisions. Quickbooks Online works well with my bots! Nuff said! Cloud Accounting is where all your entity’s data should live. If you are still on desktop, it time to switch now. I don’t want to hear your excuse, because it’s yours and not your customers!
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